Flux V2 - Deposit

1. Flux V2 deposit

1) Enter the official website and connect to the wallet

  • Go to Flux V2 official website https://v2.flux.01.finance/ and select "Heco Mainnet"

  • Then click "Connect Wallet" in the picture below, and select "Metamask" Wallet in the pop-up dialog box;

Select Heco wallet account in MetaMask, click Next, and then click "Connect" to confirm the connection;

2) Deposit tokens

  • After successfully connecting to the wallet, click "Deposit" on the FluxV2 interface, find the deposit currency in the market, take USDT as an example, enter the amount, and click "Authorize" on the right side (only the first deposit/withdrawal operation of this currency needs to be enabled, There is no need to enable it again for subsequent operations), and confirm the wallet authorization

  • Enter the amount of USDT deposited, click "Deposit" on the right, and click "Confirm" to authorize the Metamask wallet that pops up;

3) View information on the dashboard

  • Visit the Flux homepage dashboard to view currency deposits and fund utilization and other information.

  • After the deposit is completed, it can be displayed in my balance on the right side of the corresponding currency of the deposit, USDT. As shown in the figure, the amount of USDT deposit is 100.127, the net annualized income is 16.41%, and the fund utilization rate is 79.84%.

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