Flux V2 - Farming

1) Farming

  • Click "Farm" on the Flux V2 interface, and find the LP trading pair on the leveraged mining interface. Take MDEX USDT-HUSD as an example. You can also select the relevant agreement and currency asset in the white box in the following figure to quickly screen the target LP trading pair. After setting the leverage ratio, you can manually input or drag the lever axis. Here we take 2x leverage as an example. After setting, click the "GO Farm" button on the right;

  • After entering the farm's mining asset configuration interface, enter the deposit as collateral. Here, using USDT as an example, enter 10USDT. Then, according to the selected 2x leverage allocation option, the Flux V2 protocol automatically calculates the amount of USDT lent. In this example, if the 2x leverage is deposited and 10U mortgage is deposited, 10U loans will be lent. After confirming 10USDT as the mortgage asset, click the "Confirm 2x Start Mining" button below.

  • The agreement will be based on the 0.5% slippage in the white box above, the transaction fee is 0.025USDT, and part of the USDT will be exchanged for HUSD in order to form a USDT-HUST trading pair for mining on MDEX. (Hint: If the loaned token is a deposit-supported currency, you can borrow directly without having to exchange in the transaction, saving handling fees and no slippage). The slippage can be changed in the position shown below.

  • After clicking the "Confirm 2x Start Mining" button, click "Confirm" on the pop-up Little Fox authorization page to authorize.

  • After completion, you can view the current position of leveraged open positions in the "Positions" interface, as shown in the figure below. It can be seen that the current total position value is 19.943 USDT, of which USDT9.984 and HUSD9.982.

2) Increase collateral

When the debt ratio is close to the liquidation line, users may adopt the method of "increasing collateral" to increase the value of the collateral in order to avoid the account being liquidated.

  • Click the "Add Collateral" button directly on the position interface.

  • In the “Increase Coolateral” option, enter the amount of increased deposit as collateral, for example, enter 10 USDT as shown in the figure below. Note that new loans will not be generated when increasing the collateral, but the agreement will replace part of 10USDT with HUSD according to the 0.5% slippage and the handling fee of 0.013USDT to form a USDT-HUSD LP trading pair, as shown in the figure below.

  • After adding 10 USDT as a collateral asset, USDT in the original LP will increase from 9.984 to 14.997, HUSD will increase from 9.982 to 14.975, and the debt ratio will also decrease from the original 50.14% to 33.42%.

  • After confirming, click the "Confirm and Add Collateral" button in the figure above, and click the "Confirm" button in the pop-up Metamask authorization window to complete the authorization.

  • After completion, you can see the position information after adding collateral assets on the "Position" interface, as shown in the figure below.

3) Farm Clearance

Clearance, as the name implies, sells all designated LP assets and repays related borrowings.

  • Click the "Clear Position" button directly on the position interface.

  • The clearing option will display the currency quota that will be received after the clearing. As shown in the figure, after clearing, you will receive USDT4.978 (here, the remaining amount after the repayment of 10 USDT will be borrowed) and 14.975 HUSD. After clicking "Confirm and Clearance", click the "Confirm" button in the pop-up Metamask authorization window to complete the authorization.

  • After the corresponding LP is cleared, the position view will no longer display the LP.

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