On-board assets into HECO wallet

Instructions for withdrawing digital currency to HECO wallet

At present, withdrawing Heco (HRC20) tokens from the Heco Huobi Ecological Chain from Huobi Global is the most mainstream method for obtaining HRC20 tokens. You need to register and log in to your Huobi account to withdraw assets.

1. Log in to Huobi

Log in to Huobi official website and click on balances in the upper right corner, or directly click the link below:


2. Asset selection

3. Withdrawal process

Select the asset you want to withdraw, select the “withdraw currency”, and select HECO (HRC20) as the chain name when withdrawing, which is the token standard of the Huobi Eco-Chain.

Select the number of coins to be withdrawn, confirm the handling fee, click "Withdraw coins", enter various verification codes, and the withdrawal is successful.

4. Check the account

After Huobi Global confirms the withdrawal, you can check the receipt status in the wallet.

In addition to proposing coins other than HT, such as withdrawing HUSD, HBTC and other tokens, generally the wallet on the PC side will not be displayed by default, and tokens need to be added

MetaMask add asset method:

1) Click to add token:

2) Click on Custom token:

3) Add contract address: Take HUSD as an example:

HUSD Token: 0x0298c2b32eae4da002a15f36fdf7615bea3da047

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