Flux Protocol

Launch of Single-Sided Staking for $FLUX

Flux protocol will launch $FLUX single-sided staking on OKExChain, Heco, BSC from June 16th 2PM (UTC+8), which will also be deployed on Sunday for Conflux.
On June 16th at 14:00 HKT time, Flux Protocol will take the lead in opening single-sided staking pools for $FLUX tokens on the OEC, Heco and BSC chains to begin the foundations of our community DAO governance. $FLUX single-sided staking pools are divided into 3 pools; “3 Days”, “7 Days”, and “30 Days” according to different lock-up periods and mining rates. During that time, $FLUX token holders can stake their tokens within the different mining pools on the FLUX official website according to their needs, and the mining can obtain the benefits of $FLUX tokens of each chain.
  • FLUX (OEC) official website stakes FLUXK tokens to obtain FLUXK tokens;
  • Flux (HECO) official website stakes hFLUX tokens to obtain hFLUX tokens;
  • Flux (BSC) official website stakes bFLUX tokens to obtain bFLUX tokens;
  • Flux (Conflux) official website stakes cFLUX tokens to obtain cFLUX tokens. The cFLUX single-sided staking on Conflux will open on June 20, 2021 (UTC+8)
Note: The inconsistency between the single-sided staking on the Conflux chain and the other chains is due to the superposition conflict with the new UI version. Therefore, the new UI and single-sided staking on Conflux will be updated synchronously on June 20th.
In addition, with the opening of $FLUX token pledging on each chain of FLUX Protocol, the LP mining weights of $FLUX tokens of OEC, Heco, BSC, and Conflux chains will be adjusted accordingly. The specific adjustments are as follows:
  • FLUXK mining weight adjustment on OEC (6/16)
  • hFLUX mining weight adjustment on Heco chain (6/16/21)
  • bFLUX mining weight adjustment on BSC chain (6/16/21)
  • cFlux mining weight adjustment on Conflux chain (6/20/21)
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Flux Protocol is a borderless, decentralized and secure digital asset lending protocol created by the ZeroOne team. The Flux contract code has passed Certik security audit and has been deployed across multiple blockchains. Join us on our website to participate and follow our socials for the most up-to-date announcements!
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