Tutorial - aTokens / cTokens

Staking cross-chained aTokens or cTokens from AAVE or Compound from Ethereum to Flux Protocol on Conflux Network and mine $FLUX

Step 1: Obtaining the aToken of Aave / obtaining the cToken of Compound

(The following showcases aToken as an example. cToken is similar and will not be described later)

1) Go to the official website

Type the official AAVE website into the address bar of the browser: https://app.aave.com/ (Compound official website: https://app.compound.finance/)

2) Click on "Enter app", and connect AAVE to your wallet. Make sure that you connect the correct wallet with the assets you want to deposit onto AAVE to obtain the aTokens used to cross-chain into Conflux Network, and then to stake on Flux.

3) Select the AAVE market after successfully connecting your wallet to AAVE, and deposit your assets to obtain the corresponding aToken. (Skip this step if you already have aTokens or deposited assets tokens into AAVE)

In this example we choose the AAVE V1 Market and deposit ETH into AAVE to obtain their aETH token.

In the left-side navigation pane, click deposit. On the right-side navigation pane, select ETH and click "Deposit"

Enter the amount of ETH to be deposited

Click "Submit" to operate the wallet and confirm as instructed by your wallet. You will need to approve AAVE to access your assets, in this case ETH, and then click "Submit".

After you have deposited your ETH into the AAVE money market, the balance will be displayed on the interface. At the same time, the corresponding aETH (aToken) will be obtained automatically as the deposit certificate.

Step 2: Cross-chaining the aToken / cToken from the Ethereum network into Conflux Network to obtain the caToken / ccToken for staking

1) Go to the Flux Protocol's official website https://flux.01.finance/ and click "Asset Swap" below (you can also directly access https://shuttleflow.io/)

2) Connect Flux Protocol with your ConfluxPortal, select aETH as the Ethereum token you want to cross-chain, and you will receive a unique ETH smart contract address to send your tokens for the cross-chain procedure

3) On your Ethereum wallet, choose aETH (aToken) from your asset list, click "Send", and enter the unique ETH smart contract you obtained from step 2)

4) Set up Ethereum gas fee and click "Next" to complete the authorization and "Confirm" to send your aTokens to the your unique ETH smart contract for cross-chaining aETH.

5) The cross-chain process might take up to 10 minutes due to the throughput of the Ethereum network. After the successful cross-chain operation you will find the caETH in your ConfluxPortal wallet.

Step 3: Stake your caToken / ccToken into the corresponding mining pool of Flux protocol

1) Click the "Staking" button on the Flux official website, find the caToken mining pool (caDAI mining pool is taken as an example); click the "Stake" button, enter the amount of caDAI you want to stake, and click “Stake”

2) Click "Confirm" in the authorization dialog box of ConfluxPortal to complete staking of caDAI

3) View the number of FLUX tokens mined

Click the "Staking" button on Flux' official website to find the caToken mining pool (caDAI) You can see the Total staked caToken amount, the APY for the specific pool, your staked caToken amount and the FLUX token quantity that can be obtained from mining next to “Unclaimed”.

4) Unstake to claim your mined FLUX tokens

Click “Unstake” to automatically claim your caToken and mined FLUX tokens

Everytime you want to claim your $FLUX you need to unstake your caTokens or ccTokens. When you unstake your tokens, the mined $FLUX willl be automatically send to your wallet.

Note 1: After the ERC-20 aToken and cTokens are cross-chained and staked on the Flux, the mining income of Aave or Compound will not be obtained

Note 2: aToken is the certificate of ownership of providing funds to the AAVE. After the Aave protocol stores its supported tokens, the protocol automatically generates the corresponding aToken. If you want to reclaim the original asset, you can must use the corresponding aToken to exchange them in the Aave protocol

Note 3: cToken is the certificate of ownership that provides funds to the Compound. After the original asset is stored in the Compound protocol, the protocol automatically generates the corresponding cToken. If you want to reclaim the original asset, you use the corresponding cToken to exchange it in the Compound protocol.

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