Flux Protocol

Tutorial - Lending and Borrowing on Flux Protocol

For detailed instructions on how to supply to or borrow from Flux Protocol, please refer to the following Medium article: https://01-flux.medium.com/flux-protocol-start-lending-and-borrowing-9fb1e77998b7

Supply or borrow from the Flux Protocol money markets to mine $FLUX

This method showcases mining by supplying assets into Flux Protocol's money market as an example.
1) Go to the Flux official website https://flux.01.finance/, connect Flux to your ConfluxPortal wallet, click "Lending", find the corresponding currency (CFX in this example), click "Supply", enter the corresponding amount, and click "Supply";
2) In the authorization dialog box of ConfluxPortal that appears, click "Confirm" to supply CFX into the money market;
3) In the “My Dashboard” part of the lending page you can see your deposits and the amount of FLUX tokens obtained via mining
4) Every time you supply into or withdraw for the Flux money markets, the system will automatically transfer the interest acquired and FLUX mined to the wallet.
Note: The process to borrowing assets on Flux Protocol is similar to supplying assets as described above, however, you need to have supplyed assets into Flux Protocol in order to borrow other assets. The reason for this is to