Flux Protocol

5. Cross-chain operations of shuttleflow

The following section describes how to cross tokens from ETH to BSC, which requires two steps:
From ETH to Conflux
From Conflux to BSC
1. From ETH to Conflux
Take Flux as an example for the cross-chain process, and the processes of other chains or tokens are similar. The steps are as follows:
1) Connect to the wallet
Click "Connect Wallet" at the top to connect to the ConfluxPortal Wallet.
2) Select a cross-chain pair
At the ShuttleFlow interface, select the ETH/Conflux cross-chain pair on the upper-left corner.
3) Select tokens
At the subtle-in page, click “Select a token”.
4) Select the token to shuttle in
Select Flux. Then click “Select this token”.
5) Connect to the MetaMask wallet
After you selected a Token, click “Connect MetaMask” below to connect to MetaMask wallet.
Fill in your Conflux wallet address in “Your destination”.
No fee is required for transfer.
6) Use the MetaMask to complete the transfer
Click "Shuttle-in" and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask pop-up box. After the on-chain transaction is completed, cFlux is received in the Conflux account.
After this step, if you need to continue to shuttle out to BSC, you can proceed to the next step.
2. Shuttle out from Conflux to BSC
Shuttling out from Conflux to BSC can realize the cross-chain operation
1) Select a cross-chain pair
On the upper-left corner of the ShuttleFlow page, select the BSC /Conflux cross-chain pair.
2) Select a token and enter the address
Select cFlux. A security prompt appears.
Input your BSC wallet address in the “Shuttle-Out Address”, click “Shuttle-Out”.
Complete the authorization in the ConfluxPortal pop-up box.
3) View the transaction records
You can view transaction records on the “History” page. After the transaction on the chain is completed, you can receive bcFlux in BSC's wallet.