(HECO) Farming by Staking tokens from Filda, LendHub

Supported Filda fToken: fUSDT, fHBTC, fETH, and fHT.

Supported LendHub lToken: LHT, LHBTC, LUSDT, and LETH.

1) Obtain fToken/ lToken from Filda/ LendHub

Go to the Filda official website: https://filda.io/ (Lendhub official website: https://www.lendhub.org/), find the supported tokens in the lending page market to complete the deposit and obtain the corresponding fToken or lToken.

2) Go back to Flux official website https://flux.01.finance/, click the "Staking" button on the left navigation sidebar, find the fToken/ lToken staking pool, stake the obtained fToken and lToken into the Flux staking pool.

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