Flux Protocol

OKExChain Wallet Configuration

Configuration on Metamask

Please also refer to OKExChain official document on this topic.
  • Download Metamask from its official website
  • Set up OKExChain MainNet with RPC settings below:
  • NetWork Name: OKExChain Mainnet
  • RPC URL: https://exchainrpc.okex.org
  • Chain ID: 66
  • Currency Symbol: OKT
  • Block Explorer URL: https://www.oklink.com/okexchain/
  • Fund your Metamask address with OKT as transaction gas fee (similar to gas fee on Ethereum)
  • Add tokens for displaying your custom tokens
Add Custom Token
Click on Add Token
Click on Custom Token
Paste in the contract addresses

Withdraw Funds from OKEx

Please log in your OKEx account to fund your OKExChain address
OKEx Withdraw Interface
  • Check on your token balance from Metamask under OKExChain MainNet