Flux Protocol
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Token Economics

What is $FLUX token?

The main purpose of $FLUX token is to motivate the liquidity provider on the Flux platform, which also functions as governance token in the Flux protocol. $FLUX is used to vote for the improvement proposal on FLux platform. In addition, $FLUX can be put into the protocol security module to provide security and insurance for the protocol itself and depositors, who could obtain certain rewards from the agreement in this way.
The total supply of $FLUX is 21,000,000. All FLUX tokens are generated through mining, without Angel Investor, VC investment distribution, private placement and pre-digging.
Please visit Flux official website: http://flux.01.finance
Flux Protocol’s platform token $FLUX is a DAO token for the community governance of the platform. In honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, the maximum supply is capped at 21 million $FLUX. All tokens will be release to the community through platform engagement and the Flux team over a period of 4 years. 75% of all $ FLUX will be release to the community, 10% to the Flux Protocol Team, and 15% to the Flux Community Fund (1% are reserved for early community volunteers, and 14% for the community development and the Flux Liquidation Reserve)
The release schedule of $FLUX is linear with a daily decrease of 16 $FLUX. 26,055.56164 $Flux tokens will be gradually released on day 1. The following figure displays the daily release of $FLUX over 4 years:
The following figure displays the $FLUX token supply over 4 years