Flux Protocol


A DAO Providing Leading Multi-Chain DeFi Products And Solutions To Enhance The User Experience In The Web3 Era

ZeroOne Introduction

ZeroOne embraces and shapes the future of the decentralized multi-chain era with its DeFi Suite. Products in the DeFi Suite include Flux Protocol, Vigoss, ops, and whoops, which together transform into an evolving symbiotic ecosystem without borders.
All DeFi Suite products are independently developed by ZeroOne without forking existing projects in the Open-Source-Era.
ZeroOne DAO’s vision is to become the first community based multichain DeFi Suite.

Token Distribution

Base on Max Supply 1 Billion ZO.

ZO Token Release Scheduele

DeFi Suite

Revenue Stream: Distributed from DeFi Suite to ZO Holders

Token Detail

Ticker: ZO
Standard: ERC-20
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
ZOInvestors: 2 years; quarterly release
Core Developer: 2 years; quarterly release
Advisory: 2years; quarterly release

DeFi Suite Roadmap

Flux V3 2021.09 V4 2022 Q2
Whoops V5 2021.07 V6 2022 Q3
Vigoss V1 2021.10 V2 2022 Q2
Hot Pot V1 2021.08 V2 2022.Q1

Product Introduction



Zero One is a team with an innovative and pioneering spirit with a global footprint focusing on blockchain development.
Core members come from well-known universities and internet companies such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, have years of experience in blockchain development and have worked in the finance industry.