Flux Protocol

Liquidity Mining Information

The main purpose of the Flux governance token $ FLUX is to motivate users to become liquidity providers, and for users to participate in the governance of Flux Protocol. $FLUX is used to vote on the Flux improvement proposals. The total amount of $FLUX is 21 million, and the original token is issued as an ERC20 token on Ethereum. $FLUX is generated through liquidity mining, without Angel and VC investment distribution, private placement and pre-excavation.
With no pre-mine, 75% of all Flux Governance Tokens ($FLUX) are distributed to the community as stated in:
Flux Protocol will launch on several public blockchains (Conflux Network, Ethereum, Huobi HECO Chain, Binance Smart Chain, OKex Chain, Polygon (Matic), Arbitrum) as time passes. To incentives early participants in the first two weeks of liquidity mining on each network, a total of 5 million $FLUX are reserved as a Bootstrap Fund, and will be equally distributed and release to each public blockchain's Flux Protocol in the first two weeks.
As Flux Protocol will be launched on different blockchain protocol, the following sections documents the $FLUX distribution on the following protocols: